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How to become a Dragon

Note: We are undergoing our maintentance to the new Dragon Metro (our own PHP/PostgreSQL solution) and will no longer use any outside code. (PSST: That's why our blocks on the website aren't lining up perfectly anymore. ETA for the full transition is Halloween 2016. You can preview it by going to: http://www.thexeno.com/tb)

The Dragon Forums Are Live

CLICK HERE to access the forums. Feel free to mix and mingle but in their current model they are temporary.
As the Houses have now been decided we are working on entrance exams for each House.
Big changes coming with our Halloween release.

Are you ready to commit

These flowcharts are designed to help you in deciding your personal Dragon Cut (wardrobe/clothing choices) with most preference to the left and least preference to the right on each line. Have fun! (Note: in order to provide balance with the outside societies we allow the use of tan/khaki as it provides an earthy/nature tone (and is referred to as an 'accent color.'))

Note: the common casual look for a Dragon is green hoodie, black undershirt, black jeans and shoes and white socks.

Note: the common 'business casual' look for a dragon is green dress shirt, black undershirt, black pants.

Suit: Green track/jump suit (black undershirt and undergarments) > green suit (white undershirt and undergarments) > black track/jump suit > black suit (white undershirt and undergarments)
Hat: Black > green > white
Shirt/Overshirt: Green poncho > green dress shirt > green hoodie > green shirt > black shirt
Pants: Black Jeans > Black Pants > Khaki Pants
Shorts: Black > khaki
Undershirt/Undergarments: Black > white
Shoes: Black
Accessories: Jade Green > Green > Black > Silver

The Will of Force Hand Gesture

Use the pointer finger (next to the thumb) and point down.
Bring your thumb over and meet the point finger at the first joint; spread your other fingers out.
The keyword is "one" and passcode is "three;" begin both lines with your keyword/passcode.

Are you bored? Looking for something to do?

Step 1. Once you choose your House a whole world of possibilities open up.
Click the link above and find out what opportunities exist for you.
Lots of useful guides and resources.

A single icon: ▼

The Force Device or "Device" (inverted triangle) is the icon that the Dragon uses for ID purposes and is generaly follows by "D" as in "D▼" (in any letter-case.)
It has many purposes and uses with the most prelevant representation is the focus of a main ideal down to a focused point.

Are you looking for some direction in your life?

There's a lot of opportunity for growth within the Society.
We have 3 excellent paths of life for you to choose from and to identify with.
Each path of life has its own Orders and Disciplines to follow and they really help to bring about a better life.

The Dragon Will Always Prevail

We have the best membership plan!
With our Open Membership Clause one deems themselves a Dragon and rightly becomes so!
The Dragon Order is open to all. We bring about a New World Order with a grassroots campaign.

The Dragon Manifesto

The Dragon Society establishes 3 Expressions:
  The Green Expression for which it represents Change, Entertainment, Life.
  The Black Expression representing Action, Purpose, Secrets.
  The White Expression representing Development, Technology, Truth.
The Dragon Society establishes 3 Houses:
  The House of Sages who Communicate, Empower, Entertain.
  The House of Rynen who Protect, Provide, Sustain.
  The House of Orian who Analyze, Develop, Research.
The Dragon Society establishes 3 Laws:
  The Model of Models.
  The Will of Force.
  The Code of Society.