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Note 1: For those who have come to the website lately you'll notice a whole lot of changes have been made. We are no longer going with the Blue, Black, White color schemes. We are no longer Lake Xeno the general purpose discussion forum. We are also no longer the Xeno Society an open minded free thinker movement. We have upgraded our mindset and understanding and we are now The Hidden Tiger Society. It's an open sourced/grassroots secret society. How secret is it? That's up to you! The official launch of the new website will be March 1st, 2017. When did the Society originally start? Well if you consider our past initiatives that date would be March 31st, 2009.

Note 2: We are undergoing our maintentance to the new Tigerland Framework (our own PHP/PostgreSQL solution...internet developer speak) and will no longer use any outside code. You can preview it by going to: http://www.thexeno.com/tb) As a reminder our Web Development Team consists of 3 Tigers all doing volunteer hours so the ETA on this is New Years' 2017.

▽ The Previous Tiger Discussion Forums

The old forums link is here. They will remain up until the new forums are finished. As we update our Test Enviornment to include the old forum layout our style sheets may make the old forums look a bit weird from time to time as we upgrade to our new Tigerland Framework!

▽ National Headquarters

Feel free to call the Help Desk to get the address for our HQ. It's located in Clarksville, TN.

▽ Are you ready to commit!

These flowcharts are designed to help you in deciding your personal "Tiger Cut." Please note that brown is our accent color and should be used sparingly as it's not one of the 3 Expressions.

Preferred casual look ("casual attire"): Green hoodie (or polo), black undershirt, black jeans.
Preferred business look ("kingpin attire"): Green track/jump suit. White Undershirt.
Preferred business casual ("technician attire"): Green shirt, white undershirt, black slacks.
Preferred "hot days" ("networker attire"): Green Shirt, Black shorts.

▽ Are you bored? Looking for something to do?

Step 1. Once you choose your House a whole world of possibilities open up.
Click the link above and find out what opportunities exist for you.
Lots of useful guides and resources.

▽ The Focus Device: Focus Device

The Focus Device (elegant) is pictured above. The Focus Device (primitive) is a simple inverted triangle ("▽"). The Focus Device and the Tiger Seal is inter-changeable in use and name. The Tiger Seal is simply "T/TS".

▽ Are you looking for some direction in your life?

There's a lot of opportunity for growth within the Society.
We have 3 excellent paths of life for you to choose from and to identify with.
Each path of life has its own Orders and Disciplines to follow and they really help to bring about a better life.

▽ The Hidden Tiger Shall Always Empower and Hope

We have the best membership plan!
With our open membership model one chooses a House and rightly becomes a member of the Society and their House.
The Society is open to all. We bring about a New World Order with a grassroots campaign.

▽ The Tiger Manifesto

The Hidden Tiger establishes the Hidden Tiger Manifesto:
While the 3 Aspects give us purpose and a common thought...the Manifesto should never cause disorder within the Society...if that should happen...a Tribunal Directive shall be held and a resolution be made.
The Aspect of Ashala:
    Ashala requires Change.
    Ashala requires Purpose.
    Ashala is my guide and my ally.
The Aspect of Being:
    There is Peace and Passion.
    There is Serenity and Emotion.
    There is Order and Change.
The Aspect of Self:
    I am Dark and Light.
    I am The Dark doing what must be done.
    I am The Light shining and providing hope.

The Hidden Tiger establishes the 13 Tenets:
The 13 Tenets of Ashala provide a solid model for thought and reasoning.
The Force is referred to as "Ashala." The word was chosen as it was free from outside influence.
Ashala binds all things both known and unkown.
Models are created and understood for focus and guidance within the Society.
We have created the Grand Timeline model to understand that all things and events are in balance.
We are neither Jedi nor Sith. We do must be done while empowering others and providing hope.
We honor the previous teachings concerning the Force and its practices and refer to them as the Lore.
Tigers honor and respect Life.
Tigers provide the Change if needed and when needed.
As Tigers we respect the past and create models for the future.
Our Society incorporates 3 Houses; The Sages, The Rynen, and The Orian.
Every Tiger is patient but always Changing.
Every Tiger values integrity but will always have secrets.
The Society shall prevail in all of time.

The Society Establishes the 13 Models:
The Model of Change.
The Model of Force.
The Model of The Greater Good.
The Model of Meditation.
The Model of Models.
The Model of Self.
The Model of Society.
The Green Expression for which it represents Change, Entertainment, Life.
The Black Expression representing Action, Purpose, Secrets.
The White Expression representing Development, Technology, Truth.
The House of Sages who Communicate, Empower, Entertain.
The House of Rynen who Protect, Provide, Sustain.
The House of Orian who Analyze, Develop, Research.